I bet I can guess what animal you're thinking!

Yet another guessing quiz! This time with animals! Cats, dogs, fishes, and horses. This was really hard to make up questions for...Hehe. I think I'll make another one of these.

So, yeah... I don't know what to put here. If you actually read this/take this, can you suggest more things for me to guess? Please? c: Ahah, I don't even know...

Created by: Strangeling

  1. Oy! Welcome to one of my many guessing quizzes. Pick one of the following animals: Cat, Dog, Fish, or Horse.
  2. Is your animal meant to be rode?
  3. Is your animal a common household pet?
  4. Is your animal commonly on a farm (dog,horse)?
  5. Is your animal aquatic?
  6. Does your animal have pointed ears (cat,horse)?
  7. Is your animal commonly large (dog,horse)?
  8. Can your animal be striped (cat,fish)?
  9. Can your animal be fluffy (cat,dog)?
  10. Well...those are all the questions I can think of. Bye!

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