"What am I thinking of?" Test

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Welcome! This is a fun game to see if you're good at guessing. In this test I will ask you questions like,"What color am I thinking of?" or, "What Pokemon am I thinking of?"

You will be given a set of answers to choose from to answer the 12 questions. At the very end you must pick one of 4 "fates" in hopes you will pick the correct one. Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Christian Meeks
  1. What number am I thinking of?
  2. What letter am I thinking of?
  3. What car company am I thinking of?
  4. What soda pop am I thinking of?
  5. What Pokemon am I thinking of?
  6. What FNaF character am I thinking of?
  7. What Pixar movie am I thinking of?
  8. iPhone or Android?
  9. What video game am I thinking of?
  10. What animal am I thinking of?
  11. What color am I thinking of?
  12. Pick your fate!

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