Time of considering a break with partner or not?

If you are remarking changes in your partner for a while that you can't possibly explain.Take this quiz and think a little.It helps👍Just be honest!😊

Thanks to this quiz you have or might be considering adding communication in your relationships!It is not always your fault,Not his either both of you

Created by: Sparkle Nice Hope

  1. Does he still call by nicknames as before?
  2. Is he often online but never texts you until you text first?
  3. Does he still compliment you on your outfits or your new hairstyle?
  4. Does he go out with other girls while you at home?
  5. Does you two go on dates frequently?
  6. How often does he kiss you?(Not on the cheeks!)
  7. Have you ever catch him kissing another girl?
  8. Do you regularly think about other boys when you are with him.
  9. Has he ever introduced you to his best friends?
  10. Does he tell you that he loves you?

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