Is your partner cheating on you?

This quiz is for you to determine if your relationship is on the right track or needs improvement, or just simply needs to END. Find out now!Be honest and get honest results.

Is your partner faithful and honest? Or are they hiding something? Maybe youve been questioning your future with this person and need answers. Well, youre about to get your answers!

Created by: kimberly
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  1. Does your partner tell you they love you everyday?
  2. Does your patner go a day without calling you?
  3. Do you feel happy when youre together?
  4. Is your partner affectionate with you?
  5. Does your partner ever blow you off?
  6. How often do you arguw?
  7. Who appologizes the most?
  8. Do you ever feel suspicious that your partner is lieing to you?
  9. Have you ever caught your partner in a lie?
  10. Does your partner compliment you?
  11. Does your partner respect you?
  12. Do you have fun when youre together?

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Quiz topic: Is my partner cheating on you?