Who is your Star Wars Rebels partner

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Sometimes I picture myself with The Star Wars rebel I often debate on Sabine and Kanan but the bar normally tips to Sabine. Having her as a partner would be artistically fabulous.

Would you like to know who your rebel partner is? Well then now is your chance. Maybe you could be part of the rebellion and make a difference in the galaxy.

Created by: Brett Emigh
  1. Your choice of weapon wold be...
  2. Your best skill is...
  3. You're favorite color
  4. Someone did not believe you, suddenly dose you...
  5. Who do you like best?
  6. You worsted for is...
  7. What did you think of the quiz?
  8. Choice of air travel...
  9. How would people describe you?
  10. Your favorite Star Wars timeline

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Quiz topic: Who is my Star Wars Rebels partner