Time Less Love part 1

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Ok so you took the quiz and you don't really know any of the guys and they did kidnap you and it better be for a very, very good reason so I'll be working on the next quiz

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Created by: BlackandWhite

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  1. Your home alone, it's summer break and it's night out what are you doing?
  2. Let's say your doing what ever you said you were, suddenly you hear a noise from the laundry room, what do you do?
  3. Ok let's say you get a large knife from the kitchen and head slowly and quietly, what do you expect to find?
  4. You get to the door and you peek through the crack in the door you see something move and you what?
  5. OK you ask who's there and the figure seems to turn fast in your direction you don't wait for an answer and kick the door open, what do you find?
  6. The door opens and you see a boy in all black standing in front of you. His eyes are really wide and he is so scared he looks like a deer about to be hit by a car. He just stands there hypervenolating,it looks like he's about to pee his pants, what do you do?
  7. Ok let's say you kick him and run, you just kick anywhere hoping to hit him and you get him right in the nuts (Me: ouch, lol) then you turn to run and there are 3 other figures behind you, what do you do
  8. You kick another in the shin and run up stairs to your room, the other 2 chase you but you make it to your room and lock the door, what do you do?
  9. What kind of weapon do you find or prefer to use
  10. OK lets say you get your weapon of choice and after waiting about 15 minutes after hearing nothing and not being able to find a phone in your room you open the door and no ones there, what's the fisrt thing you do?
  11. Let's say you look around the halls and find no one and run to the phone in the kitchen and start to call the police, then when your back is turned dialing the phone something hits you in the back of the head and your out cold, and your thining

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