this or that? quiz

Hey you! Wanna take this quiz?! don't...okay well...this is awkward but um...PLEASE?! come on just take this quiz!!! take it! take it! u won't be sorry! it's real fun! so? whaddya say??

Thanks for listening to me and takin it haha! well, this quiz is basically all UR opinion so it has no right or wrong answer! just have fun with it!!...gosh i sound like a second grade teacher or sumthin!!

Created by: heyilikepie

  1. this or that?
  2. here or there?
  3. now or later?
  4. tall or short?
  5. sing or dance?
  6. food or water?
  7. edward or jacob?
  8. Nigahiga or Kevjumba?
  9. yes or no?
  10. cat or dog?
  11. zack or cody (suite life on deck)
  12. Smart or Stupid?
  13. Kick or punch?
  14. Mario or Luigi?
  15. Drake or Josh (drake n josh)
  16. Drake n Josh or iCarly?
  17. Cookies or Cake?
  18. Friday or Saturday?
  19. Kiss or Hug?
  20. shorts or pants?
  21. Hollow or Solid?
  22. Harry Potter or Twilight?
  23. Music or TV?
  24. Movies or tv shows?
  25. number 1 or number 2 ;)
  26. Books or Movies?
  27. jokes or riddles?
  28. soda or pop?
  29. Spongebob or Phineas and Ferb?
  30. Phineas or Ferb?
  31. Spongebob or Patrick?
  32. Truth or Dare?
  33. 2134 or 5462
  34. comment or rate?
  35. last question...... good quiz or bad quiz?

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