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  • 6th grade is a tough time. Actually, I'm not gonna lie: all of middle school is, but it gets better. When your family is fighting, try to leave the room and listen to music, so you won't have to hear it. As for the whole friends abandoning you, I understand that all too well. There really isn't any advice that I can give you on that. Middle school is the time where people start to drift apart, and so is the first year of high school. And it's gonna suck, but just be yourself. If you like to be hyper and weird, then be hyper and weird. The friends will eventually come. For your sports, I suggest just trying to be super nice to everyone on your team. When someone on your volleyball team makes a good serve or saves the ball, say "Good job, *insert their name here*." And the same goes for basketball. When someone makes a good shot, give them a high-five as they run down the court and tell them that that was a nice shot. And if they're at the foul-line and they miss one of the shots, run up to them and lightly tap their shoulder, saying "you got this."

  • You need advice on what?

  • thanx


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