this is the quiz megan

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Created by: emilyisrico

  1. hi im emily but you may call me rico
  2. i live in portland oregon and i have two weiner dogs named samson and daisy
  3. i have a twenty one year old sister and a 18 year old sis
  4. im christan
  5. im blond but brilliant and i have silver eyes
  6. im in 6th grade
  7. i have a crush who likes me too XD
  8. ...but ive been going through tough times...
  9. my family is always fighting and my friends are abanding me
  10. im getting so depressed that the old, awesome, hyper weird me is fadin away
  11. and on my volleyball and basketball team nobody likes me because im the best (not trying to brag and i never said anything like i was better that them)
  12. my friend kiera (or circle as i like to call her) is the only person who understands
  13. and i feel like i cant tell my bestest friend in the universe because her life is so perfect
  14. anyways bye

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