this is all the reasons why i joined gtq

this is a all yes and no queston quiz.. i made this because i wanted everyone to know i appreciated all the respectful,fun,funny, and helpful gotoquizers

you may not know me but i kinda know you.. i get on gotoquiz everyday and scince i hesitate for abount a hour if i should say somthing or not (dont think of me as a bad person but..) i snoop through certain threads.. but dont worry.. when a fight pops up or something else personal happens i then decide to leave)

Created by: scolionophobia

  1. the users were very helpful
  2. i wanted to read the quizes and be able to comment
  3. i wanted to make quizzes
  4. i really wanted to go in the fourms
  5. it was fun without an account so id figured it will be even more fun with one
  6. im sorry i ran out of reasons so ill just name the reasons why i regret joining
  7. i never work up the nerves to talk to anyone..but im getting a little bit better
  8. oh..well thats all i got
  9. oh and that hacker really gives me the creeps
  10. and i been here longer than my account says i made many different accounts before.. but started to talk in the fourms on this account

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