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Created by: KrazyGirl765

  1. wejogpowhqoeoperkewlkmrsgw
  2. Hello this is dunkin' donuts. What can I get for you?
  3. So anyway, wanna hear me sing karaoke?
  4. *singing* Players gonna play play play play play, and the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate. I'm just gonna shake shake shake shake shake. I shake it off! I shake it off!
  5. *singing* I knew you were trouble when you walked in. So shame on me now flew me to places I've never been.
  6. Okay now imma do Diamante.
  7. *singing* I'm coming in hot, for the weekend. Won't you turn me up. Ready or not, I'm coming in, I'm coming in hot.
  8. *singing* I hate myself for giving in the first time, going through hell one to many last times. But ohhh I love myself for hating you.
  9. Whatever.
  10. Am I an idiot?
  11. Here's your meal, (Y/N). Have a nice day.
  12. What happens when we die?
  13. 1011100001100011111000110000110000010011100101011101110001
  14. poof
  15. Goodbye!

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