this aint a rice race

"Some of us watch t.v. Some of us embody the spirit of the stars. Some of us can quote all the lines of Napoleon Dynamite. A mere few live the pirate life on dry land."

"What type of rice will you be? Do you have the finishing lines to make it through the fields? In moments you can KNOW where you rank in the backwoods!Good Luck"

Created by: patty of myspace
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  1. This aint a scene it's a...
  2. Who's gonna clean this mess?
  3. Make sure Z doesn't eat this - it's...
  4. I've heard of one. It's nigh uncatchable - It's called~
  5. I never drink...
  6. Rocky loves...
  7. Keep the change you-
  8. Browndale~home of the...
  9. The remote is missing ~ what now?
  10. Coke or Pepsi?

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