Are You a Naptown Rider?

There are people who aint enen from the nap who live ther and they know these questions so think about that .And I hope you get this test right. these are some questions you need to know to keep no claiming the nap you might be from the the nap and dont know these questions and if you are some of those people then i aint mad at you its just that you need to get out more

Are you really fromthe the nap pr are you just an outsider tryna fit in? these are questions you need to be asing yo self. so do yo best best and lets hope you aint no know mark ass person just claim my town just to be claiming somthing or somewhere just trying to fit in because if so then you aint gonna get no where in life

Created by: DayDay

  1. What is the state that Naptown is in?
  2. What hood is 34st(east side)
  3. Where is the Balt. located?
  4. What is the best mall to go to
  5. What is the weakest highschool?
  6. what is our govner's name?
  7. What do we do every summer in August at what park?
  8. Where to people go late at night on the weekends besides the club
  9. if you claim your from my hood 'The Balt- Tre-0' then what drink does the ole G's give you that will get you messed up with one cup
  10. What is the most popular events that happens during the summer

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Quiz topic: Am I a Naptown Rider?