Think YOU know Aaliyah the singer?

There are so many people out there who think they know celebrities,and think they know this,and think they know that....but they sometimes dont.So do you think that you can beat my hard quiz about the pop legend Aaliyah,who tragically died in 2001 from a plane crash.She was 22....I need a moment....(sobs).

I'm back....So do you think you know everything about this lady?Well lets test your knowledge on this quiz,ok?See if you can guess this teens life without using the internet.I bet you wont master it.But I hope you do!Good luck and Goodbye!

Created by: Kyra
  1. When was Aaliyah born?
  2. Where was Aaliyah born?
  3. What is Aaliya's whole name?
  4. How tall do you think Aaliyah was?
  5. How many siblings does she have?
  6. Who did she marry when she was just 15 yrs old and he was 27?
  7. During her preformances,Aaliyah usually covered one of her eyes.But which one?
  8. Aaliyah mainly wore this color nail polish during most of her video preformances.
  9. Which of these men were gonna planning a wedding with Aaliyah before we lost her?
  10. How many tattoos did Aaliyah have and of what?
  11. Where did Aaliyah pass away at?
  12. What was the date of her end?

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