Which Famous Singer are you?

Alot of people are saying ''Which Famous Singer AM I?'' well,this is all about ulttimate and rightness,don't forget the 'genius' part.IT'S A RULE.well.

Are YOU a famous singer? Like a good singer? One of them,your going to be.If you take this quiz your lucky and yuo will get good luck.it's a rule.do it!!!

Created by: BabyChick
  1. Are you a good singer? Like singing on high notes really well?
  2. You dance good?
  3. Good actor/ actress?
  4. You sign up to sing in the Concert,Does the audience clap for you?
  5. Do you get stage fright?
  6. Favorite colour?
  7. Do you have a guitar?
  8. On Question 6,i spelled Color wrong,on purpose.
  9. You talented?
  10. Who's your Female Role Model?
  11. Who's your favorite Male Role Model?

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Quiz topic: Which Famous Singer am I?