So U Think U Know Aaliyah, huh?

There are a lot of people out there who say they are Aaliyah fans, and many of them are. But there fans and then there are FANS! A FAN knows a lot about their idol, even if they happen to be mysterious, and does everything they can to find out more about the person.

Are u an Aaliyah FAN? Do u know rare and hard to come by facts about Aaliyah that you think other people don't really know? well, we're about to find out! Good luck!

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When was the 1st time Tweet and Aaliyah met?
in 1996 when Aaliyah discovered Missy
at the 2001 essence awards
during Missy's video for "get ur freak on"
at the premiere of Romeo Must Die
on Aaliyah's birthday in 2001
they've known each other since high school
for what movie did Aaliyah do the song "giving up"
queen of the damned
some kind of blue
romeo must die
the matrix sequals
who or what did Aaliyah name 'Wilson'
her pillow
her pug
her snake from "we need a resolution"
her car
it's a nickname for her best friend
her cat
what song are the following lyrics from? : "get your skeletons up out my closet"
best friend
who do u think u are
u got nerve
back and forth
more than a woman
set it off
In "Romeo Must Die", when Trish says, "you might as well have thrown him out the window yourself",who is she talking to?
mr. o'day
who raps in the song "death of a playa"
da brat
lil mo
what is Aaliyah's fave Queen song?
another one bites the dust
broken home
we will rock u
bohemian rhapsody
one in a million
what kind of car did Aaliyah drive
a cadillac escalade
mercedes benz
she never had a car
a jeep
what is the subject matter in "aint never" by Outsiderz 4 Life ft.Aaliyah?
the girl is cheating on her boyfriend
finally finding true love
the boyfriend is cheating on his girlfriend
best friends
loss of life
what did Aaliyah think the best song and video in the world were?
summer bunnies by r. kelly
smooth operator by sade
thriller by micheal jackson
somebody someone by korn
hot boyz by missy
ribbon in the sky by stevie woner
what bought Aaliyah and Damon Dash closer together?
they both always hung out with the same people
her best friend set them up
both Aaliyah and Damon had an interest in death and afterlife
they met on the set of a missy video
the two were never close in the 1st place
they've been friends since high school
BE HONEST!what did u think about this quiz?
it was the easiest Aaliyah quiz I've ever done!
it was pretty easy
it was a little more easy than hard
it was a little more hard than easy
it was pretty hard
it was the hardest quiz about Aaliyah that i've taken!

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