Think u know the basics?

You think you know somebody and then they totally flip the scrip on ya. You might even know that some people did this or that in the past but how much do you really know?

Ive got a few questions that will test how well you know me. This isnt fool proof and you might know me much better than the score shows but i garuntee that whether you know me or have no clue youll learn something.

Created by: Dom

  1. Whats my birthday?
  2. Who was the first girl i ever kissed?
  3. Where did i go for my 18th B-day?
  4. If you were to get in my car what is likely to be playing?
  5. What are the initials of my BEST freind?
  6. How old was i when i first drank?
  7. First love?
  8. What kind of car did i own when i joined the military?
  9. What internet site do i visit the most?
  10. What do i think is the greatest invention ever made?

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