Things you shouldn't know.

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Yeah, This is possible the hardest 11 question quiz you'll ever take. The requirements for this Paragraph is way to much, and i just figured out your not suppesed to us spacebar repeatly.

I dont know what to write here, so I'll just Hold Spacebar untill I meet the requirements. ok so now i just type some other stuff. pigs cant look into the sky!

Created by: darnell
  1. Zebra's are colorblind.
  2. How do you catagorize a pineapple?
  3. How long does it take light to reach the Earth?
  4. The filled tank of a Jumbo Jet contains enough fuel to drive an average car around the world _ times?
  5. Snakes eat plants.
  6. There is a restroom that is made of gold and gems only.
  7. Sharks have no bones.
  8. What is the heavest bear species in the world?
  9. How many vocal sounds do a cat have?
  10. The worlds smallest country is _ square miles?
  11. Alright last one. Did you like this quiz?

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