The Wolf Story for Females Only

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This is the first part of the wolf story. Take this quiz to find out your wolf name so you can complete the quizzes for you character (these will be produced at a later date)

Choose the answer most relevant to you for example: if you like the colour pink but it's not there and your second favourite colour is black which is then choose black (this is fairly obvious). Or you can live a totally different wolf life and be shy and timid when really you are outgoing and friendly. It really is up to you! Have fun and enjoy!

Created by: EvilLoner26

  1. The sky is beautiful and starry. You have a had hard day hunting and now you are asleep and dreaming. What is the main part of your dream about?
  2. The next morning you wake to birds tweeting and the sun shining. You see a fury shape skulking around in the trees behind you. What do you do next?
  3. The wolf is a rival! They are from the pack Gretmar the arch nemesis' of your pack Hattera. What do you plan to do next?
  4. The spy sees you and makes long eye contact. How do you react?
  5. You are trying to fish and one of the males from your pack is there too. His name is Flash. Flash is a sliver beta he is quite high up in the alfa and his mate's estimation. His eyes are a sparkling green. He's caught you a fish, what do you do now?
  6. The spy is across the stream! He starts coming towards you. You remember him from a battle long before. His name is Storm. What do you do next?
  7. Flash follows you across the stream. Who do you choose?
  8. A mysterious she-wolf lurks on the other side of the stream. She comes over and sees you. The she-wolf is white with beautiful blue eyes and takes a liking to you instantly. How do greet her?
  9. All of a sudden Shadow the daughter of the alfa appears. Out of the 4 in front of you, who will be your mate?
  10. What is your favourite colour?

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