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Don't you hate the part 1 2 3 4 ect quizs where theres a few hawt boys and they try and save you? Well I've got the whole story. Yes of course there danger to where your going to have your soul threatend. But the one that you hate in the begging you may love more than anything in the world in the end. (also i made a mistake I ment for William to hate you at first and James to have the instance conncetion. This took me like 3 day to make so...I kinda forgot me results but its James who has the instant connection and William who hate you at first ALSO theres no camping I changed my mind about that)

Dicriptions of the boys Carter- Tan skin, about 5ft 8in, loving, caring, loayl, baby blue eyes, is good in soccer and baseball, and is the smartest William- The more reserved boy, Dark hair, Chocolate brown eyes, about 6ft 1in, trust worthy, loyal once you've earned his trust, and the overall jock James- Bleach blonde hair, bright blue eyes, good in almost any sport, about 5ft 5in, and the sencitive one Adam- Kinda like James but brown eyes, 5ft 10in, and is the class flirt.

Created by: Meghan
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  1. Your standing at the bus stop with the normall crowd. The 4 boys Adam, William, Carter, and James. They were the most popular boys in school. All the girls would be proud to have them as thier boyfriends. Who do you see first?
  2. Then Carter calls to you. "Hey ____ I was wondering if you would sit with me on the bus today?" The other boys looked shocked and then they all were pretty ticked. Why you had no clue. But you say...
  3. Neadless to say you get on the bus and Carter sits with you anyways. Then you ask "So why'd you want to sit with me today?" He resopnds by saying "Well...I kinda like you and I have for awhile now" You smile and say...
  4. Then without warning he starts to kiss you. What's your reaction?
  5. Then you arive at school. You try to get off but Carter William Adam and James all seem to have a diffrent plan. "Hey whats going on!" "___ Just relax" James sayis in a voice and you instantly walk over to him. Then he puts his arm around your waist holding you there. Then without warning your sitting on a plane. What's your first reaction?
  6. You look around a little bit then you see James. He sees you and walks over to you and you see his face has a worried expression on it. You ask whats wrond and James says "I can't tell you but Adam has MADE you his soul-mate so we need to get you away from him for a year or else he'll take your soul from you." Your first reaction is?
  7. Soon you arive in a remote place. You ask where the other guys are and James says "Just close your eyes and go to sleep. You've had a long and stressful night" You pout "Will you be here because I don't want to be left alone." James smiles at you and says "I'll hold you im my arms if you want" Do you take the opperunite?
  8. Lets say that you took the oppertunity. So you arive in Italy and there James finds a motel as a hide out for him you Carter and William. Then it hits you James want to be alone with you. In the room you sit on a bed imaging what could happen. What do you think will happen?
  9. Then James comes and sits by you in the bed and he pulls you into his arms where you start to sob. Do you spill your guts to him or do you push him away?
  10. Lets just say that you sob into his arms. Then with-out warning he kisses you on the cheek and then kisses you gently. He then whispers in your ear "It'll be alright. I'm here for you, Carter is here for you and so is William. We won't let Adam take your soul." With this you find your-self growing drowsy. After like 20 minutes you fall asleep curled up in James arms. Out in the distance you hear shout ing and James runns to get William and Carter. They had been outside the room thw whole time? Puzzled what do you first think?
  11. So you wait and wait and wait. With all three boys shifting in and out of the room. Right now it's Carters turn to be with you in the room. You sit on the floor with your back agenst the bed just watching TV, while Carter is behind your playing with your hair. You keep hearing him mutter things to himself over and over.Then something ironic hits you!!!
  12. It hits you that James and Carter are trying to make you fall for one of them. Un-sure of what to do you pace around the room. Then with out warning Carter come up behind you, grabs your waist, and sppins you around. What do you think is going to happen!
  13. Lets just say that Carter started kissing you. Un-sure of what to do you kiss him back. There are a few good things about Carter. A)He's a good kisser, B)He kiept his hands at your waist, C)He's a loayal person.
  14. Time seems to stand still and Carter pulls away from you, but he doesn't let go of your waist. Instead he pulls you closer too him. THEN...
  15. Its Adam! Carter gasps and he puts you behind him. In almost a growl he says "Adam get out of here NOW!" Adam replys cooly "I'm just here to pick up the female version of me" You (because Adam charmed you into thinking that you and him are really soul-mates) giggle. Carters then leeps at Adam and tackles him. You yell!
  16. Adam escapes and you sigh relived (still under very powerful spell) then you return to normal. Carter comes over to you and helps you to the bed saying, "____ You need your rest." You glares at him but you do it anyways.
  17. You finally wake up and you see James asleep by you. Trying to fall back asleep you curl up closer to him and in return he puts his arm around you. Whats your first reaction?
  18. Then James wakes up. He looks at you then the time. He yells "Will its your turn to keep watch." Outside you hear something that sounds like "Do I have too?"
  19. William come into the room and James lead you over to him. He then whispers something to William. After he leaves William pushes you back to bed but he stands half way across the room. Hurt and de-jected you cry silently.
  20. Then you see out of the corner of your eye William being tied up by invisble hands WHAT DO YOU DO?!
  21. Lets say that you helped him out. He actually smiles at you and says "Thanks ____ I'm sorry I was rude to you...Can you forgive me" You respond by a nod then you walk back over to your bed and lie down again still feeling de-jected.
  22. After a bit Willaim walks over to you and pull you too him. You , still feeling de-jected, don't move. So he comes around and faces you. He then says "Ok I'm sorry I hurt you, I just..." Outraged suddenly "You just what! Hate that I'm here well FYI it sucks to be me because I have the chance to get my soul taken from me if I slip out once!" After you say that you end up hurting yourself even more what are you thinking
  23. Seeing you cry William pulls you into his lap strangly soothing you. You look up at him and he's looking down on you. Your insides are screaming/chanting "KISS KISS KISS" but instead...
  24. Instead William sets you down you look at the time and see no one other than, Carter come in. "William I swear to god I will kill you if you make her cry one more time" You walk up to Carter and he holds you tightly but still glares a William. "Dude chill we're cool now, right _____" Finally a chance to speak you say "Mabey..." Now William leaves the room and Carter tell you that its been...10 months. You gasp. We know someof us used our powers to make it feel like weeks but really its been months.
  25. Now he puts his arms around your waist and holds you like you would slip away. Again time stands still as he holds you. Slowly starting to kiss you.
  26. Now he kisses you. Then he starts to explain. "I'm a vampier, James is a fallen angel and William is..." In your mind your shouting is what is what is what. "He's a demond who's turned to the light."
  27. He contuines "if you don't want that spell on you again then you have to choose one of us to be with you forever then you will become eather a vampier, angel or a demond who turned to the light." Who do you want? (note all of them are immortal)
  28. You ready to find out who your happy ending ends with?

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