the vampire diaries season 3

there are many true vampire fans but are you the ultimate vampire diaries fan. well find out in this fun quiz of the vampire diaries. but if you don't know a lot of season 3 I suggest that you watch at least 1 more time.

are you a true vampire diaries fan well if you are try this fun quiz on the vampire diaries season 3 episodes. do you want to know if you are a true fan well you can find out in this fun quiz.

Created by: Emma

  1. who is Klaus' siblings
  2. who is the 2 girl doppelgangers
  3. who is the 2 boy doppelgangers
  4. which family has an English accent
  5. what is Katherine's real name
  6. who is your favourite character out of these 6 people
  7. who is your least favourite
  8. who's blood does Klaus need
  9. who is the hbrid
  10. who is a human
  11. who is bonnie's mum
  12. what is bonnie's surname

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