The Vampir Metrou

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The Vampir Metrou is a site on Ning for learning and rediscovering and to strengthening your path. Come and search and learn with us, we are from all walks of life, all belief systems, and power is knowledge, knowledge can be turned into wisdom.

Do you know your stuff, do you want to be a True Metrouian ? Then you best get with the program, join our site and ace this quiz... We are all students and teachers, what are you ? Join The Vampir Metrou on Ning.

Created by: Devilwoman

  1. What is the best discussion site for all people to discuss hot topics and beliefs on Ning ?
  2. Who is Vantor on The Vampir Metrou ?
  3. What are Devilwoman and Michele, who are admins on The Vampir Metrou ?
  4. What is Stephanie's Talent ?
  5. Raven has a sexy ________!
  6. Which is The Vampir Metrou Not ...
  7. Sil, Journey and Catt are....
  8. Which one of these dont we discuss on The Vampir Metrou ...
  9. A solitary Witch, doesnt usually belong to a coven
  10. A Person who manipulates you, steals your energy, causes and loves chaos is .........

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