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Yes, I could've put my avatar as the profile picture for this quiz, and yes that would've made much more sense, but yeah that pic is basically my personality in one picture so I chose that ^-^

Anyway, this is a quiz about my GTQ stuffs and like stuffs about my account :I Even though I'm still a newb on this site but whatever :I So yeah take this quiz to determine how much you stalk me ^-^

Created by: UnLoving

  1. Read the paragraphs first ^^^
  2. Okay, first of all, what is my official thread called?
  3. Is "Valkommen Till Karlekslos Trad" my thread?
  4. What thread do I post in most?
  5. What hours am I not on GTQ?
  6. Favorite emoticon?
  7. Which emoticon do I use most frequently?
  8. Which creeped out face do I use (most often):
  9. What is my favorite forum?
  10. How many multi's do I have?

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