Sloth's Stalwarts

I just wanted to thank everyone for taking or re-taking this quiz. It needed a 2018 update. If you feel I have missed you, mention it in a comment. If I had just met you, you may not get a full paragraph, but I will take note of it.

With that said, if anyone wants to talk to me outside of this site, than I have an email and a wattpad you can ask me for in my official thread, in the lounge of the forums.

Created by: Paige_

  1. First, I would like to thank Kiersten. I love our little chats, and you were one of my first friends on here. I hope you are doing well. You are very smart and have a lot of talents you don't seem to see.
  2. Next I would like to thank Sealia. She's always there for me. She is has a very magnetic personality and a lot of people love her here. She is also an old friend of mine here.
  3. Next is Sniper. You are very fun to talk to and aren't worried about fitting in. You are pretty cool. You are very realistic and honest.
  4. Next, is Jayfeather. You're also really cool and I plan to talk to you more in future. I will try to keep in contact.
  5. Next is Jesse. You've been like a brother to me and you're really cool and funny. I know you aren't on here, but I still talk to you.
  6. Next up is Cody! You're very smart, chill, and have a great sense of humor in your own unique way. Never change for anyone.
  7. And to all of my old friends who may be gone. Thank you for putting up with my crap. I was a bad person, and I'm trying to improve. So thank you for being there.
  8. I would also like to thank all of the older users who aren't mentioned due to me not really knowing them. You all are perfect in your own ways. I can't wait to start talking to many of you who I haven't met or haven't talked to enough. More importantly, thank you for even talking to me, considering how bad I was. You are all very open and kind.
  9. Next, I would like to thank all the mods, not on here and still on here. You always get rid of the trolls and help people when they needed it. The fact you all care about this little quiz site amazes me. You are all deserving of your job here. You all were picked because of how helpful, caring, and responsible you are.
  10. Moving on, we have Josh. Oh man, I remember our long talks about the dumbest things. You are very funny and are always so chill to talk to.
  11. Another person I would like to shout out is Olivia! You are such a fun person to hang out with. You are very good at piano. Another old friend, but that doesn't mean I don't get excited when I get a response from you. You are awesome, do not let anyone steal your sparkle.
  12. I would also like to mention Andi. I don't know if you still go by that. But you are really cool and you've been really helpful to me in the past. I would like to reconnect with you, my door is always open.
  13. Nuna is another user I would like to shout out. She's is very kind and smart. She always tries to help anyone who needs it. Your baby is very lucky to have you as a mother.
  14. Next, is Ello. We talk a lot privately and you have a great sense of humor. You are a quick thinker and are fun to talk to. I wish you the best of luck in life.

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