Can you apply critical thinking to a combat situation?

Thank you for taking my quiz. Obviously these answers are my opinion because I am, not a genious. Hope you had fun taking my quiz on a boring day. Ok.

As of now I do not feel like writing anything significant, I will attempt to update the quiz if I have more time. This is pretty much what I think the right answer could be. Then again I can always be wrong.

Created by: Operator

  1. You and your buddies are pinned down, your medic takes a direct hit but is not able to speak, he is losing blood. Times running out, make the call or live with the consequences.
  2. Your order is to storm the compound looking to capture or kill a high valued target.You breach the first room and see a little boy picking up a firearm intending to use it on you or your unit. You shoot his hand, but realize he has a vest on and a remote which he is about to detonate. Times running out, you have a split second. Make the choice.
  3. There has been a ship hijacked by pirates. You and your unit are called in to rescue hostages and eliminate the threats. Your unit storms the ship and stealthily take out all the hostiles on the ship exept for three in the main control room. It is overlooking the deck and there are two doors entering the room, one from the front and one at the side. The targets are gaurding the hostages but they have not noticed anything. Make the call, lives are in your hands.
  4. You are diving underwater with your team. Your objective is to plant a charge on a enemy ship which is housing aircraft. You and your team make it to the ship and plant the charges, then you set the timer for detonation.You dive down to a safe depth beneath the ship with your team and wait to confirm it. At the worst possible time, one of your men has a malfunction and runs out of oxygen. If the ship is not eliminated, the enemy could win the war. However, if you surface, the ship would blow up killing your entire unit.
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Quiz topic: Can I apply critical thinking to a combat situation?