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  • (Countinued] Far Gone. But He Did Releasing His 1st Album " Thank Me Later " Feat Artist From Alicia Keys To Young Jezzy. 2o1o Was A Great Year For Drake. With It Being A New Year I Know Fans (Me] Are Awaiting His New Album " Take Care " To Come Out Producers From Boi 1da To Q-Tip Are Suppose To Be On There. Well Just Have To See. ( I Knw Everything Theres More But It Wont Let Me Put It All Its Not Enough Characters But Yea Im Drakes#1fan]

  • Wtfck dude im the huqiest Drake fan nd i keep qettin 27% no matter how i answer i even answered them all rite i searched the net and qot the answers but i qet 27% fck yu dawq i will PASS this quiz NO matter wht i will qet 100% beotch

  • (: I got a hundred, even thooooooo he didn't date ashley. and you should check your writing BEFORE you post something. it doesn't make you look to educated. But im gladd. ohh and Drake LOVES Mexican FOOD.

  • ok first off he was dating hazel and yes he is 6'4'' and jimmy was shot in season 4 episodes 7 and 8 but i guess its an ok quiz. i think you need to work on your info first before you give quizes dude come on

  • Okayy I Got 92% But Uhh Jimmy Was SHOT In Season 4 Episode "Time Stands Still Pt. 2" And He Is Currently 6'2...It Was An Okay Quiz I Guess Just A Few Errors

  • its not summer calls come out and winter calls go in its summer cars come out and winter cars go in

  • he wasnt dating ashely, it was on your spelling and grammar. but i loved the a huge drake fan!!!!!

    bella bella
  • wow, umm i got 90%? and idont even know aubrey

    Ally BFFL

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