The Ultimate Wings of Fire Quiz! Part 1

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Hello! This quiz tests your knowledge of wings of fire from book 1 to the start of book 4. Keep in mind that most of it is based off of the graphic novels and not the real books, so my bad if some of it is not accurate. (cover art by lamp-p0st)

This is the longest quiz I’ve made yet, so I hope you enjoy it! If I make a part two, I’ll be sure to link it below. If I forget, it will likely just be called ‘The Ultimate Wings of Fire Quiz! Part 2’.

Created by: Blizz of my youtube :)
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  1. What is the name of book 1?
  2. Who is Clay?
  3. Easy question. Who are the Dragonets of Destiny?
  4. Who suggests to fly out of a hole in the roof?
  5. Why don’t they follow up on the idea?
  6. How do they escape?
  7. How does Clay know how to find the cave again?
  8. Who runs into Clay and Tsunami outside the cave?
  9. Skipping ahead a bit: who visits who on the pillar?
  10. Who kills Fjord?
  11. Does Peril betray the Dragonets?
  12. What do the Dragonets see in the battlefield after escaping?
  13. What are Clay’s siblings’ names?
  14. That’s the end of book 1! Now, what is the name of book 2?
  15. Who does Tsunami run into?
  16. What does Tsunami accidentally do?
  17. Who are Tsunami’s family members?
  18. What does Coral say about Tsunami being impolite?
  19. How does Queen Coral react to Tsunami killing Gill?
  20. Is Coral more worried about Tsunami being attacked or the eggs being attacked?
  21. How does Coral punish the guard?
  22. Who does Tsunami have help her with the egg?
  23. does the fourth panel in the graphic novel on page 134 look stupid?
  24. Who are the suspects for the disappearances of the eggs?
  25. Who or what is Coral and Blister’s secret weapon?
  26. Who is really killing the eggs?
  27. Is the little dragon that hatches super cute?
  28. What do they name her?
  29. How does Anemone kill Whirlpool?
  30. How is the summer palace destroyed?
  31. Now to book 3! Who does Tui say that the book is for?
  32. Who does Glory see dead in the rainforest?
  33. How does Glory feel about the rainforest itself?
  34. Who is Glory’s brother?
  35. Who is missing?
  36. Who is the queen?
  37. Who goes searching for the missing Rainwings?
  38. What is the smell coming from?
  39. You’re only a true fan if you read the graphic novels, right? go to page 69. Who is on the fifth panel?
  40. What don’t Rainwings have?
  41. What tribe does Glory pretend to be?
  42. Who does Glory find?
  43. What are Glory’s “options”?
  44. Is Blaze excited to meet the dragonets?
  45. Who arrives?
  46. Where is Silver?
  47. Where did Glory end up?
  48. What does Kinkajou first say to Glory?
  49. Did Bromeliad have a heart attack when Kinkajou disappeared?
  50. Who explains the classic challenge to Glory?
  51. Who are the five queens?
  52. What are the challenges?
  53. What flower are Tamarin and Fruit Bat searching for?
  54. Where does Kinkajou get hit with Grandeur’s venom?
  55. Out with you, book 3! Now for 4. What’s the name?
  56. Who is there when Starflight is captured by the Nightwings?
  57. How do Nightwings hunt?
  58. Who are Starflight’s parents?
  59. Who meets Starflight?
  60. Who are the false dragonets of destiny?

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