Truly the HARDEST Wings of Fire quiz of all time

This quiz is the literal HARDEST Wings of Fire quiz you will be able to find. It is for the most die-heart fans. If you get 100% you are worthy of challenging me but no one I've quizzed have ever gotten 100% the only person, I think, are able to get this quiz 100% right is me or the author.

Do you have what it takes? 1% of people get 100% without looking up answers! If you have only read the graphic novels of the books, you won't be able to answer each question. ***WARNIG THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR EVERY BOOK***

Created by: Biggest_WoFfan
  1. In The Lost Heir what was the name of the guard that gave Tsunami the key to Clay's chains?
  2. What was the name of the flower required to be found in order for Glory to be queen?
  3. What did Sunny describe the Obsidian Mirror as?
  4. Nightwings have good...
  5. What was Winter's name for Daffodil?
  6. What is Cobra's favorite drink?
  7. What kind of stone does Greatness wear?
  8. Who does Icicle shoot with frost breath during the battle in the library?
  9. How many tattoos does Saracco have?
  10. Which line is correct?
  11. What is the name of Whiteout's husband?
  12. How many known daughters of Coral have hatched?
  13. What is Tui T. Sutherland's favorite dragons?
  14. What is the only known tribe to have religious beliefs?
  15. What disability does Whiteout have?
  16. Who is the oldest dragon in Wings of Fire without the use of magic?
  17. How many membranes are on a Rainwing's frill?
  18. What dragon in the 10th book mentions Toucans?
  19. Who is one of Clearsight's great great granddaughters?

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