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This is a quiz for a true Wings of Fire fan. This covers questions from books 1-14, and is a 20-question quiz. Your results in this quiz determine if you are a true FanWing or not.

If you get a very good score, you are declared a true Wings of Fire fan. If not, we'll have to see. This quiz was made by Random10. Please have fun and enjoy the quiz.

Created by: Random10

  1. Who is Clay's mother?
  2. What is the name of Book Thirteen?
  3. Who is Blister allied with in books 1-5?
  4. Who is the leader of the Talons of Peace?
  5. Who are Darkstalker's parents?
  6. Who are the first settlers of Pantala?
  7. Who is Deathbringer in love with?
  8. Who is Icicle's mother?
  9. Who is not a dragonet of destiny out of the choices below?
  10. Which of these tribes is not from Pyrrhia?
  11. Who is the Dragonslayer's daughter?
  12. Which NightWing below does not have future-seeing abilities?
  13. Who is the queen (as of Darkness of Dragons) of the NightWings?
  14. Who has a crush on Tamarin?
  15. Which hive is closest to Blue's home?
  16. Is Luna Blue's half sister?
  17. Who is Webs' son?
  18. Who are Peril's parents?
  19. Who is the main protagonist of Book Fourteen?
  20. What defect does Starflight have?

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