The Ultimate Test

All right, not many matoran make it to the top of the archives when they join, but until they officially fail they are all considered a potential, so everybody could win..... or everybody could lose!

Which means you are a potential, too! Let's see if you have the stuff it takes to be an archivist, or if you should get a job cleaning the chute walls.

Created by: Nathan

  1. 1 bio equals roughly how many feet?
  2. What are the beings known as Frostelus?
  3. Which of these matoran was not part of the being known as matoran nui?
  4. Which of these powers did the kraata not posses?
  5. Which of these is not a krana?
  6. What is the currency used on Mata Nui?
  7. How long were turaga supposed to live?
  8. The kanohi zatth was the mask of what?
  9. Jaller's girlfriend was who?
  10. Who unknowingly wore toa Lihkan's noble hau?
  11. What kind of matoran was Takua?

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