The ultimate Sherlock test

There are many different types of fans out there. Some are just go with the flo, Some ae crazy fangirls and some are just watch it and forget about it kind of fans. Here is the test to see what type of Sherlock fan you are!

Get ready with your Sherlock thinking caps on because for some of you this will be a challenge. Others of you will get it in less than a minute. Good Luck

Created by: beccab24
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  1. What is John Watson's middle name?
  2. What does Molly hooper do as a job?
  3. Reichenbach is German for which name?
  4. Who said this? "If you go against Magnussen you'll find yourself going against me"
  5. How many episodes are there in a series?
  6. How many recurring characters are there?
  7. Do you like Sherlock?
  8. Which two are the main writers of Sherlock?
  9. In what year is the upcoming Sherlock Special set in?
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz? :)

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