The Ultimate Percy Jackson Quiz

There are many fans of the Percy Jackson series, but only a few are experts. They know everything about the books. Want to know how you rank in the expert scale? Take this quiz and find out.

Do you think you're a Percy Jackson expert? Do you think you have what it takes to get a hundred percent? Well, thanks to this quiz, in just a few moments, you'll know.

Created by: Minecraftguy
  1. Where is Camp Half-Blood located?
  2. What does Blackjack call Percy?
  3. Which god is Percy's father?
  4. Who is Tyson?
  5. How many books are in the Percy Jackson series?
  6. What event is held on Fridays?
  7. What is the third book in the series?
  8. Who is Howard?
  9. What is a demigod
  10. Who is the god of nature?
  11. Who is Zeus?

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