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If you have taken my first quiz called "What greek godess are you" you know I've been interested in greek mythology since I was 6. At 7 I got interested in Percy Jackson.

Are you a Percy Jackson fan? This quiz won't just help you to know how much you know about Percy Jackson, but also to determine how big of a fan you are.

Created by: rosetta88

  1. Who is percy jackson's best friend?
  2. Who was percy's godly parent
  3. What is percy's nickname
  4. What is the name of the camp percy is in
  5. Who was his mom
  6. Who is percy jackson's half brother
  7. Who is percy jackson's half brother
  8. What did Circe change Percy into
  9. Which friend of percy joined the hunters of Artemis
  10. Which god is percy's enemy.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know percy jackson