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Hi. This is my first quiz under my account so please do not mind if it ends up weird. I hope you enjoy! I'm going to fill up with random words now. Pie! Cake! Cookies!

Yah, I tried making the quiz as easy as possible so, I hope you all like, enjoy this. Gosh, I hate writing all this. More words! Pie flavored cookies!

Created by: Dark_Vampire101
  1. When Percy went to a field trip in fifth grade, where did he go?
  2. What was the colour of the yarn that the Fate's cut?
  3. What was the first school Percy went to? (In grade six, I mean.)
  4. Percy:"From the waist down, my best friend is a ______-" (Hint: He does not say goat.)
  5. When Percy comes to camp half-blood, Luke tells him to speak to his empty glass. What does Percy ask for?
  6. In book one, Percy calls Zeus crazy. What synonym does Grover advise?
  7. What was the pink poodle in book one named?
  8. Percy meets a boy named _____ in the Lotus Hotel.
  9. Percy's bully in book two was..
  10. Who were Oreius and Agrius?
  11. What monster do Percy, Tyson, and Annabeth run into when Tyson goes to look for powdered donuts?
  12. What name does Percy use to confuse Polyphemus?
  13. Who helped Percy defeat Luke and his minions in book two. (Okay, not destroy.. Umm.. Harm.)
  14. In book three, there were to teachers. Dr. Thorn and...
  15. What is Thalia's shield called?
  16. Finish the Prophecy: __________________________________, One shall be lost in the land without rain. The bane of Olympus shows the trail, Campers and hunters combined prevail, The Titan's curse one must withstand, And one shall perish by parent's hand."
  17. What does Nico call Mr. D at first?
  18. Where were the first bunch of teeth from? (Book three)
  19. Who helps save Percy and the other's in book three?
  20. In book four, what monster does Percy and the others save Briares from?
  21. Who is the child of Nemesis?
  22. What was Tyson's battle cry?
  23. What did Tyson ask for from Zeus?
  24. Who was Pollux?
  25. What car does Paul have?
  26. What is a child of Hades's fatal flaw?
  27. Who leads the Ares cabin into fighting the Drakon in book five?
  28. Who becomes the hero in the end?
  29. Who is Grover's girlfriend? (Super easy)
  30. What shape was Percy's birthday cake? (Cupcake, really)
  31. What was the last line of book five? (She took off down Half- Blood Hill and I sprinted after her...)

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