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  • You call yourself a Kingdom Hearts fan? You even call this a quiz? Your spelling and grammar are atrocious! It's Xehanort not Xenoheart. Xemnas not Xenmas. You're making a quiz! Give the names capital letters. Space out your comma lists. And some of these questions are terrible.

    For instance, Q8, 21, 25 and 32 are blatantly obvious to anyone never mind a KH fan.

    Question 12 is a yes/no question and you provided SIX ANSWERS. (Why!?)

    Stop referring to CoM as Kingdom Hearts 1/2. That's not an official title.

    "that giant arena" is The Great Maw.
    It's "nobodies" not "nobodys"

    Q36 and Q38 have two correct answers. Nobodies are both beings with no hearts and non-existant beings. Sora and the gang lost their memories AND saw a man in a black coat.

    There's more but it's already been said. Seriously this was disappointing.

    Jack Lewis
  • sorry dude you done know KH

    1 "Xenoheart" is actually Xehanort, and you never fight him, you fight Xemnas. 4 times

    2 q19 is meeting ansem. sora went looking for kairi and turned out fine

    3 q39 says larxene is the fatal gambler. its luxord, she is the savage nymph

    4 q42 the KH358/2 specifically says Xemnas' element is NOTHING

    5 q44 xion is a puppet, and therefor a technological member of orgXIII


  • A LOT of the questions were wrong... Such as 'The tower Sora and Roxas fought'... It was RIKU and ROXAS... plus the reason Riku went to the darkness? Because he first wanted to find a way to save Kairi, then he wanted to be a KEYBLADE MASTER. This was very dissapointing... But still fun to say the least.

  • @khsmartie

    thats exactly what i want to say, the other questions i wrong i dont hav anything to say coz i only played Days, but im definately sure that Q39 42 is wrong

    Q39) the question says "guy", so the answer is definately not Larxene

    Q42) Xemnas' attribute is nothingness, Saix is the one controls the power of the moon

  • THIS QUIZ FAILS... my grandma knows more about "Kingdom Hearts" than you and she doesnt even know what a "PlayStation"

  • to tell you the truth i noticed almost everything khsmartie noticed and i have to agree EPIC FAIL >.

  • its a fun quiz lol


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