The ULTIMATE Harry Potter quiz

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Hello! So, you call yourself a Potterhead? Lets see if you can correctly answer all the questions on this trivia. You will be graded anywhere from a T (troll) to an O (outstanding)

Warning: this quiz is rather hard, so if you have trouble with it, don't give this quiz a bad rating. Its not my fault if you don't know much about Harry Potter 😉

Created by: ❤Killiel❤
  1. Let's start of with an easy one. How many victims of the basilisk were there?
  2. Who were all the victims?
  3. What is Mr Weasley's pet name for Molly?
  4. What is Hagrid's relationship with Grawp?
  5. True or false: All bad wizards who graduated from Hogwarts were in Slytherin?
  6. True or false: The Ravenclaw mascot is a Raven
  7. True or false: Aragog was the monster in the chamber of secrets
  8. Tom Riddle's middle name was?
  9. Which of these was not written by Gilderoy Lockhart?
  10. THERE IS A RIGHT ANSWER TO THIS Was "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" good? (Very controversial)

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