The Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz

Many people love the Harry Potter books and call themselves fans, but few have read the books so many times that they take in every detail. Most say that they know a lot, but is that true?

This quiz tests you on the most interestingly tiny details of the books that you remember naturally when you have read them a few times. We all love Harry Potter, but are you a Potter guru? This quiz will tell you. Good luck!!

Created by: Kate

  1. What color were the flames that rose out of the goblet of fire?
  2. How many defenses were there leading up to the Philosopher's Stone?
  3. What is Dumbledore's favorite jam flavor?
  4. What lured the Dursleys away from their home in the fifth book so the Order could pick up Harry?
  5. Who was the first thing to be Petrified in the second book?
  6. What was Harry's first Chocolate Frog card?
  7. What is the last word of the Deathly Hallows(counting epilogue?)
  8. How many years were there between the publishing of book 3 and book 4?
  9. What were the names of Mary Cattermole's children?
  10. When was the Chamber of Secrets published? (US)

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