The Hardest Ever Harry Potter Quiz

Many people claim to be complete Harry Potter geniuses. To completely understand and have superior knowledge of the books. In fact, the are usually just fans of the movies, or have read the books but tend to only remember basic bits. Very few people are true Harry Potter geniuses.

Are YOU a true Harry Potter genius? Do you just scan over the books or do you absorb every piece of information within the pages? Take this quiz and find out. Please note that it may contain information about the final Harry Potter book and may have trick questions. Good luck

Created by: Andrei
  1. How many pieces did Voldemort split his soul into?
  2. According to Hermione, an Erupment Horn is a Class WHAT Tradeable Object?
  3. What brand was Harry's first ever broomstick?
  4. What was the original reason for Snitches having flesh memories?
  5. Who was the only member of the Order of the Phoenix left at Hogwarts when when Harry saw Sirius in the Department of Mysteries?
  6. Which of these students did Professor Slughorn teach?
  7. According to Slughorn, how expensive is unicorn hair?
  8. When Snape tried to reveal the Marauder's Map, which Marauder recommended that he wash his hair?
  9. In what book was the Killing Curse's incantation first revealed?
  10. What is Mr. Weasley's greatest ambition?
  11. In what book did we first hear of Mundungus Fletcher?
  12. What is Harry's birthday?
  13. In what book did we first hear of the Lovegoods?

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