The Ultimate Grease Quiz

So you've watched the movie but are you a REAL grease fan? Well take this quiz and find out! But before you complete this quiz, I advise you to watch the movie because it may be very difficult if you haven't. So if you have, go ahead and good luck!!

Lets find out if you are a bad grease fan or a great grease fan! You have only one way to find out... Just complete this quiz but before you do make sure you fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the rollercoaster with a lot of different and random questions from song lyrics to colors of things to names... Good luck.

Created by: Cansu
  1. Complete the song: "Look at me I'm Sandra-Dee, lousy with...
  2. Where do Sandy and Danny meet?
  3. What school do the friends go to?
  4. What song is NOT part of Grease the movie?
  5. "__________" thinks that she is pregnant.
  6. How does the movie start?
  7. Who says "well, he sounds like a drag" in the summer nights song?
  8. Complete the sentence danny says at the bonfire to sandy " Well you know how it is _____ and ____"
  9. What colour is the race car the t-birds own and race at the end of the movie?
  10. What is the nerds name in the movie?
  11. What colour is Sandy's dress at the ball?
  12. Last question: what year was Grease made?

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