the ultimate geography test

oh this quiz is about geography and i added a couple of political questions easy one you just have to use your can test your geography ..skills.. here..

so do you think you can get 100% can you..well it is an easy quiz so think... you... can... okay.. you ..should get .. started .. by .. now ok .. hope you enjoy it.

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  1. whats the capital of Scotland ?
  2. whats the capital of south Africa ?
  3. Kuwait is an Arabic country located in the middle east its in border with 2 countries what are they ?
  4. Osaka is an asian city located in which country ?
  5. whats the capital of Switzerland ?
  6. this one is easy whats the capital of the united states ?
  7. Russia is known as the largest country in the world..then whats the second largest country ?
  8. whats the largest continent ?
  9. whats the capital of Chile?
  10. whats the capital of china?
  11. how many countries are there in north america ?
  12. ok now now im gonna switch to politics lol its just easy questions like president names and stuff alright..who's the French president ?
  13. who was the vice president of bill Clinton?
  14. who is the Israeli president ?
  15. last question..russian president...?

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