The ultimate Emma Watson quiz

HELLO! Are you ready for the most ultimate Emma Watson quiz ever!? Well I hope you are because this is the quiz fore Emma Watson fans! Now this quiz is full of basic questions so try your best!

This quiz might not really be your thing and thats ok its just for fun. So you can always do reasearch and come back to score better. I really hope you score well! So good luck!

Created by: magiclover:slytherin
  1. Emma Watson was born...
  2. Emma watsons full name is...
  3. Emma's parents names are:
  4. Did Emma's parents divorce?
  5. Did Emma have a brother?
  6. Emma played ______ in harry potter
  7. Emma's parents are
  8. Emma was born in______
  9. At age 13 Emma went to Heading ton school in oxford and she was teased a lot and it effected her grades
  10. Emma scored highest in
  11. Emma played one of the three sisters in ballet shoes
  12. Emma played Elsa in frozen
  13. Emma played princess pea in The tale of despereaux

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