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  • Your Result: You Survived Unharmed!!!! 86%

    You lived without any battle scars or wounds!!! I made this result so hard to get it's insane!!! You truly deserve a congrats!!! You totally deserve a high five my survivor.

    73% You Survived With Tiny Cuts & Scrapes
    42% You Survived With Bloody Wounds
    23% You Barely Survived!!!!
    19% You Went Down Fighting....

  • Your Result: You Went Down Fighting....

    You died, but you died a warrior. You died as the person who fought, the person who cared. Though you are dead, you'll be'll be loved, and NEVER forgotten.

    If this actually happened I would maybe survive, if not "Tell my mom I loved her!". Lol! I guess that I would go down fighting.

  • Su resultado: Sobrevivi con pequeos Cortes y raspaduras 93%

    ¡¡¡Muy buen trabajo!!! Este es el segundo mejor resultado que puede obtener, as que muy, muy buen trabajo. Definitivamente eres muy ingenioso y tienes una mentalidad compleja.

    Me gusta eso. ¡Felicitaciones!
    65% Sobreviviste con heridas ensangrentadas
    62% ¡Sobreviviste ileso!
    29% ¡Apenas sobreviviste!
    24% Bajaste peleando ...
    0% Te moriste ...

  • Died as a warrior. I am very defensive over myself and protective over myself too. I don't go down easily not without a good fight at least. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • I escaped with bloody wounds... honestly, too true. I am s--- at running because of my VCD, but if I need to run, you'll bet I won't be last.

  • 77% you survived unharmed
    0% you're dead....

    Awesome! didn't take a quiz in a long time, and this one is just great! i love it!

    • oh my god I thot I was going to die but i lived i'm scared now

    • i lived omg


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