The truthly truth

Do you believe in aliens? Do you believe aliens are using mind control on people from earth? Maybe they are. Please realize the truth. Save yourself. Thanks.

Are you the best? Maybe you are. Please take this quiz to see the truth. It's pretty terrible what aliens do. It's not pretty but something has to be done.

Created by: Serge
  1. There are people using mind control on people from Earth
  2. Your only defense is going to a place of worship
  3. They can control you and put thoughts into your head
  4. They can really help you or really hurt you
  5. Christianity is the most active in mind control, they are either the ones doing it or they have the best defenses
  6. When you go to a place of worship people using mind control have to leave you alone for a year or until you do drugs
  7. What do you think humans would do if we could spy on aliens
  8. Why are people on Earth reality TV for aliens
  9. Are the people using mind control good people?
  10. Do the aliens get negative karma if they do bad things to people on earth?

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