The True WWE Quiz

This quiz is a WWE quiz.It tests your knowledge on WWE (except the last question) The quiz has question to do with Royal Rumble 2014 , Wrestlemania's and more.

Have YOU got the knowledge? Have YOU got the determination? Have YOU got the mind of a fan? This quiz will be electrifying! This quiz will be Bad-A**! And if your not down with that I got TWO words for ya...S*CK IT!

Created by: Elijah
  1. Who won the 2014 Royal Rumble Match?
  2. Who broke the record for most eliminations in a single Rumble Match in 2014
  3. Who retired Shawn Michaels?
  4. Who won the Money in the Bank briefcase in a singles match against Mr. Kennedy?
  5. Out of the following , who beat Chris Jericho in their first Wrestlemania match?
  6. Who has had the longest Divas Championship reign?
  7. Who were the final two men in the Royal Rumble Match in 2014?
  8. Who was Superstar of the Year in 2013?
  9. BLAST FROM THE PAST : Who was the host of Wrestlemania 24?
  10. FINAL AND HARDEST QUESTION : Guess my Favourite Superstar(s) :)

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