Are you a True Gamer?

A True Gamer does not back down on a quiz like this. If you believe you're a True Gamer, don't believe anything before taking this quiz. Very few gamers have the strength to be known as what is called a True Gamer.

Are YOU a True Gamer? This quiz will analyze you're inner Gamer. Only in the end, will you'll know if you have what it takes to earn that prestigious title.

Created by: JerseyStar0000

  1. How many functional gaming consoles do you currently have?
  2. How many functional games do you currently have, in total? (Includes old games/downloaded games/purchased games)
  3. How many hours a day do you spend gaming, on average?
  4. On a scale of 1 to 100, how much of a true gamer do you think you are?
  5. How often does your gaming life interact/interfere with your daily life? (How often you think about games/how much gaming has affected relationships/lifestyle & or routines/job)
  6. How much money do you think you've paid for gaming accessories to solely enhance you're overall gaming experience? Example: Headset/speakers/gaming mouse/custom console & or PC parts/gaming keyboards ect...) - Computers/gaming setups generally purchased for gaming use is included, but does not include gaming consoles like Xbox or Playstation)
  7. If you had to evacuate your home and save 1 item from being destroyed, would it be your primary gaming console?
  8. Do you often watch videos of other people playing video games?
  9. Do you often keep up to date with the newly released games and consoles?
  10. How many games would you say you've a high experience with/reached a high level in the game?
  11. BONUS QUESTION (Still counts towards your score): Have you completed all missions on at least 1 Grand Theft Auto game? (Completing all missions does not mean 100% completion)
  12. BONUS QUESTION: Are you a better, more experienced, skillful driver on GTA (or any driving game) than in real life?
  13. BONUS QUESTION: How many games do you purchase each year?

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