The True Test Of Luck And Fortune

People may be lucky, but could you be a true master of luck? Not many are, but here are the rules: take this quiz seriously, and keep it in your heart. Remember my advice and do as I say; it's for your own good.

Are YOU a MASTER of luck? Do you know ALL there is to know about good fortune and four leaf lucky clovers? Do YOU want to FIND OUT? Of course you do!

Created by: luckyclover

  1. What is meant to be unlucky?
  2. What is meant to be lucky?
  3. Where would you go?
  4. Choose a luck
  5. Choose a number
  6. Choose a letter
  7. What will you find at the end of the rainbow
  8. Who will trust you?
  9. What is your lucky number?
  10. What colour would the lucky pencil be?
  11. What is meant to be unlucky?
  12. Which lucky charm would you take?

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