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  • 76% music emo...yep, that's me! One of the only accurate emo quizzes I can find.

    X_Jay_X Jul 19 '13, 8:49AM
  • music emo...HECK YEA haha I was actually listening to For The Fallen Dreams while taking this quiz..this quiz is accurate. Awesome!

    SilentSurrenders Mar 14 '12, 12:48PM
  • I got lifestyle emo
    the description IS actually pretty right on

    XxRawRxX Aug 17 '09, 11:29AM
  • Music emo for me too. It's totally right on though, 'cause I always listen to whatever song I think is really good, or whatever defines my mood. Dead accuracy on the results man, nice quiz.

    xSkeltonxBoyx Apr 10 '08, 6:14PM
  • Emo by music ,,,
    yeah? it's true for me!~
    i'm luv rock!~
    let's rock on!

    sux_emo15 Mar 28 '08, 5:34AM
  • I got music emo, too.. and the description is perfect!

    nandi90 Mar 27 '08, 2:20PM
  • The True Emo Quiz
    Your Result: Music Emo

    You are emo by music. You listen to something unique, grunge, and emo. Basically, music shapes who you are and how you live life. Traditionally, you are not depressed and are driven by music, either listening to music or playing music. Usually, your music is guidelines for your life. Rock on!
    Lifestyle Emo

    Skater Emo

    Poser Emo

    BloodlustSweden Mar 27 '08, 1:33PM
  • Way cool! I am a music emo! The description sounds just like me. Great quiz!

    musicluver1991 Mar 27 '08, 11:18AM

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