The Toughest LOTR Quiz

There are many LOTR fans. But only few people can be a true LOTR expert. Can you be one. I seriously doubt it. Take this awesome quiz to find out and prove me wrong.

Are YOU a Lord of the rings expert? Do you have what it takes to be one ? Probably not. Take this great quiz to find out and prove yourself. Just take this quiz to discover where you stand.

Created by: Sumedh

  1. Let 's start easy. Where in Middle Earth is Mordor located ?
  2. What was Minas Morgul called before?
  3. What does Argorn's sword - Anduril mean?
  4. Who is the king of all eagles?
  5. Minas Tirith earlier was .....
  6. What does Minas Morgul mean ?
  7. What does Minas Tirith mean?
  8. What does Minas Anor mean ?
  9. What does Minas Ithil?
  10. Let's leave Gondor and go to Rohan. What is Rohan's capial?
  11. After whom is Helm's Deep named?
  12. Who is the Father of the Mearas?
  13. Who is the Founder of the Rohan dynasty?
  14. Who are Elrond's two sons?
  15. _ were created in the mockery of Elves
  16. Trolls were created in the mockery of _
  17. What is the wizard Radagast's title?
  18. What is Saruman called by the Elves in Elvish
  19. Fill up the blanks _ Rings for the ElvenKings under the sky _ for the Dwarf lords in their Halls of Stone _ for the mortal men doomed to die _ for the Dark lord on his Dark throne

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