How well do you know your Lord of the Rings?

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This is my LOTR Genius quiz, where you get to find out whether or not you're an LOTR Genius!!! You'll go through 10 simple questions to find out how much you know about The Lord of the Rings.

If you love LOTR, this quiz is for you! They might not be exactly hard questions, but I hope you'll have fun doing it anyway. So go ahead, fellow Lord of the Rings lovers!

Created by: Naryna

  1. Who are the Nine Companions?
  2. Which of the Nine Companions dies at the end of the Fellowship of the Ring?
  3. Who is the Ringbearer?
  4. What is the gift that Gimli obtains from Galadriel?
  5. Who does Aragorn marry?
  6. What is another name for the Black Riders?
  7. What is the false name that Frodo goes by as he leaves the Shire?
  8. Who gets taken by the orcs at the end of the Fellowship of the Ring?
  9. What is Rohan the home of?
  10. Where must the Ring be thrown to destroy it?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my Lord of the Rings?