The TimeLine Quiz

This quiz is about the novel Timeline. Timeline was written in 1999 by Michael Crichton. There is also one question about quantum physics thrown in there because thats what the novel is based upon.

If you have read the book and think you understand it pretty well come take the test. The test is very easy and everyone should do well and if you don't its no big deal.

Created by: Pierce Capone

  1. What kind of car did Dan Baker, the man who first found Dr. Traub in the desert, drive?
  2. What was the name of the first company Robert Doniger founded?
  3. True or False? Lady St. Claire was the young boy who saved Chris.
  4. When Chris was asked by the young boy, of what class did he belong to? He replied...
  5. True or False? Gomez was the first person to die when they went back to the middle ages.
  6. Who killed Gomez?
  7. Who decided that it would be a good idea to bring modern weaponry to the past?
  8. Who needed help getting their medieval wardrobe on?
  9. This one is for Ms. B. Related to quantum Physics, What can't we measure in a particle at the same time?
  10. Last one, Which is Einstein's famous formula?

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